SG-31801Mouse Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin (ucOC) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31802Mouse Urocortin-3(UCN3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31803Mouse Urocortin-2(UCN2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31804Mouse Urocortin(UCN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31805Mouse Urotensin-2(UTS2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31806Mouse Uromodulin(UMOD) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31807Mouse Vascular cell adhesion molecule 1,VCAM-1 ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31808Mouse Vitamin B12,VB12 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31809Mouse Vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein(VASP) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31810Mouse Vitamin A,VA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31811Mouse Vinculin(VCL) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31812Mouse Versican core protein(VCAN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31813Mouse vimentin (VIM)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31814Mouse Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor C,VEGF-C ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31815Mouse Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor,VEGF ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-31816Mouse Visinin-like protein 1(VSNL1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31817Mouse Pantetheinase(VNN1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31818Mouse Vitelline membrane outer layer protein 1 homolog(VMO1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31819Mouse very low density lipoprotein receptor(VLDLR)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31820Mouse very low density lipoprotein(VLDL)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31821Mouse Vitrin(VIT) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31822Mouse Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor 2(VIPR2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31823Mouse Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide receptor 1(VIPR1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31824Mouse WAP four-disulfide core domain protein 2(WFDC2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31825Mouse Vitronectin(VTN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31826Mouse V-set domain-containing T-cell activation inhibitor 1(VTCN1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31827Mouse Protein Wnt-16(WNT16) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31828Mouse Protein Wnt-11(WNT11) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31829Mouse Protein Wnt-10b(WNT10B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31830Mouse Protein Wnt-10a(WNT10A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31831Mouse Proto-oncogene Wnt-1(WNT1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31832Mouse WNT1-inducible-signaling pathway protein 1(WISP1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31833Mouse Wnt inhibitory factor 1(WIF1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31834Mouse Protein Wnt-7a(WNT7A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31835Mouse Protein Wnt-6(WNT6) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31836Mouse Protein Wnt-5b(WNT5B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31837Mouse Protein Wnt-5a(WNT5A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31838Mouse Protein Wnt-4(WNT4) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31839Mouse Protein Wnt-3a(WNT3A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31840Mouse Proto-oncogene Wnt-3(WNT3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31841Mouse Protein Wnt-2b(WNT2B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31842Mouse Protein Wnt-2(WNT2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31843Mouse Chemokine XC receptor 1(XCR1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31844Mouse Protein Wnt-9b(WNT9B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31845Mouse Protein Wnt-9a(WNT9A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31846Mouse Protein Wnt-8b(WNT8B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31847Mouse Protein Wnt-8a(WNT8A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31848Mouse Protein Wnt-7b(WNT7B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31849Mouse 14-3-3 protein gamma(YWHAG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31850Mouse 14-3-3 protein epsilon(YWHAE) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31851Mouse 14-3-3 protein beta/alpha(YWHAB) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31852Mouse Xin actin-binding repeat-containing protein 1(XIRP1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31853Mouse Xanthine dehydrogenase/oxidase [Includes: Xanthine dehydrogenase(XDH) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31854Mouse 14-3-3 protein zeta/delta(YWHAZ) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31855mouse Beta-Endorphin,β-EP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31856Mouse α-Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone(α-MSH) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31857Mouse Zona pellucida sperm-binding protein 3(ZP3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31858Mouse β-Thromboglobulin,β-TG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31859Mouse anti-Smith antibody ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31860Mouse anti-nucleosome antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31861Mouse anti-nuclear Antibody ( IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31862Mouse Anti-myocardial antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31863Mouse anti-human growth hormone antibody (IgG ) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31864Mouse anti-double stranded DNA antibody(IgM)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31865Mouse anti-double stranded DNA antibody(IgG)ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-31866Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31867Mouse Adenovirus antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31868Mouse acetylcholine receptor antibody,AChRab ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31869Mouse Chlamydia trachomatis(CT) antibody (IgG) Elisa kit48T/96T
SG-31870Mouse proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) antibody ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31871Mouse oxidized low density lipoprotein antibody,OLAb ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31872Mouse myeloperoxidase-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31873Mouse keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) antibody (IgM) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31874Mouse keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31875Mouse islet cell antibody,ICA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31876Mouse insulin autoantibodies(IAA) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31877Mouse Hepatitis C virus antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31878Mouse hepatitis B virus surface antibody (HBsAb) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31879Mouse hepatitis B virus e antibody,HBeAb ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31880Mouse hepatitis B virus core antibody,HBcAb ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31881Mouse Helicobacter pylori antibody(IgG)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31882Mouse glutamic acid decarboxylase(GAD) autoantibody(IgM) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31883Mouse glutamic acid decarboxylase (GAD) autoantibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31884Mouse Diphtheria IgG antibody ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31885Mouse anti-toxoplasmosis (TOXO) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31886Mouse anti-thyroid-globulin antibody,TGAB ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31887Mouse anti-sperm antibody,AsAb ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31888Mouse Homocysteic acid,Hcy ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31889Mouse pyridinoline (PYD) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31890Mouse β mannosidase,β Manase ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31891Mouse Eotaxin 3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31892Mouse Hepatitis E virus (HEV) antibody(IgG)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31893Mouse ghrelin (GHRL) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31894Mouse tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) antibody ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31895Mouse Creatine kinase M-type(CKM) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31896Mouse L-lactate dehydrogenase A chain(LDH-A)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31897Mouse mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31898Mouse Microtubule-associated proteins 1A/1B light chain 3B(MAP1LC3B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31899Mouse eosinophil cationic protein,ECP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31900Mouse neuropeptide Y (NPY) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31901Mouse Lysozyme,LZM ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31902Mouse anti-Mullerian hormone (AMH) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31903Mouse matrix metallopeptidase 7 (matrilysin, uterine) (MMP7) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31904Mouse matrix metalloproteinase 2/Gelatinase A(MMP2/Gel A) antibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31905Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein 6,BMP-6 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31906Mouse Peptide YY(PYY) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31907Mouse monocyte chemotactic protein 3,MCP-3 ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31908Mouse monocyte chemotactic protein 1/monocyte chemotactic and activating factor,MCP-1/MCAF ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31909Mouse growth hormone releasing hormone,GHRH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31910Mouse fibroblast growth factor 9 (glia-activating factor) (FGF9) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31911Mouse fibroblast growth factor 6 (FGF6) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31912Mouse fibroblast growth factor 4 (FGF4) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31913Mouse γ-Secretase ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31914Mouse Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor B,VEGF-B ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31915Mouse angiotensin Ⅱ(ANG-Ⅱ) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31916Mouse stromal cell derived factor 1α(SDF-1α/SDF1A)ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31917Mouse sulfatide (SULF) antibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31918Mouse neuregulin-1 (NRG1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31919Mouse 8-iso prostaglandin F2α (8-iso-PGF2a) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31920Mouse cardiac troponin Ⅰ(cTn-Ⅰ) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31921Mouse Japanese Encephalitis (JE) Antibody (IgG) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31922Mouse antigen KI-67 (MKI67) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31923Mouse major urinary protein 1 (MUP1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31924Mouse T-cell surface glycoprotein CD4(CD4) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31925Mouse pulmonary surfactant-associated protein D (SP-D) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31926Mouse B-cell lymphoma-extra large (Bcl-xl)ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31927Mouse oxidized high density lipoprotein (Ox-HDL)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31928Mouse Anti-Cyclic Citrullinated Peptide Antibody (Anti-CCP-antibody) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31929Mouse fructosamin (FRA) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31930Mouse parathyroid hormone (PTH) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31931Mouse encephalomyelitis virus (EV) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31932Mouse rotavirus (RV)antigen (Ag) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31933Mouse parvovirus (PV) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31934Mouse calcitonin gene related peptide (CGRP) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31935Mouse free prostate specific antigen (fPSA) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31936Mouse alpha-enolase (ENO1) antibody (IgM) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31937Mouse anti-gastric parietal cell (GPC) antibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31938Mouse adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) autoantibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31939Mouse soluble amyloid precursor protein β (sAPPβ) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31940Mouse Mast cell protease 8(Mcpt8) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31941Mouse cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31942Mouse creatine kinase BB isoenzyme (CK-BB) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31943Mouse hepatitis B virus (HBV preS2) antigen ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31944Mouse Mesothelin(MSLN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31945Mouse periostin/osteoblast specific factor 2 (POSTN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31946Mouse Retinoic Acid ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31947Mouse Fibroblast growth factor 15(FGF15) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31948Mouse free haemoglobin (f-Hb) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31949Mouse hemoglobin (Hb) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31950Mouse matrix metalloproteinase 5,MMP-5 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31951Mouse NF-kappa-B inhibitor alpha(NFKBIA) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31952Mouse interleukin 25(IL25/C19orf10) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31953Mouse Pro-Nerve growth factor (proNGF) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31954Mouse Tyrosine-protein kinase receptor UFO(AXL) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31955Mouse cluster of differentiation 6(CD6) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31956Mouse muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2 (mAChRM2) autoantibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31957Mouse anti-β1-adrenergic receptor (β1AR) antibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31958Mouse fibrin ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31959Mouse streptococcal (SK)  antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31960Mouse pancreatic alpha amylase (AMY2A)ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31961Mouse serum amyloid A-3 protein (SAA3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31962Mouse alpha-enolase (ENO1) antibody (IgA) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31963Mouse alpha-enolase (ENO1) antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31964Mouse histone H2A-H2B-DNA autoantibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31965Mouse single stranded DNA (ssDNA)antibody  ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31966Mouse Interleukin-36 beta(IL1F8) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31967Mouse low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31968Mouse acetyl-CoA carboxylase synthetase (ACC) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31969Mouse Interleukin-36 alpha(IL1F6) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31970Mouse Bile salt-activated lipase (CEL) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31971Mouse Alpha-1-antitrypsin(SERPINA1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31972Mouse soluble amyloid precursor protein α (sAPPα) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31973Mouse brucella antibody (IgG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31974Mouse anti respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) antibody (IgG)ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31975Mouse Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator 1-alpha (PPAR48T/96T
SG-31976Mouse collagen type Ⅱ(Col Ⅱ) antibody ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31977Mouse Pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-31978Mouse anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (cANCA) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31979Mouse interferon alpha-2(IFNA2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31980Mouse chemokine (C-X-C motif) ligand 17 (CXCL17) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31981Mouse apolipoprotein C-I (APOC1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31982Mouse complement fragment 3b (C3b) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31983Mouse Japanese Encephalitis (JE) antibody (IgM) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31984Mouse coagulation factor VIIIa light chain (F8aLC) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31985Mouse 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 (DVD/DHVD3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31986Mouse Alpha-1B-glycoprotein(A1BG) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31987Mouse 5-Nucleotidase,5-NT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31988Mouse ATP-binding cassette sub-family A member 1(ABCA1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31989Mouse Alpha1 Antichymotrypsin,AACT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31990Mouse Arachidonic Acid(AA) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31991Mouse Alpha-2-macroglobulin-P(A2MP) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31992Mouse Alpha-2-macroglobulin(A2M) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31993Mouse Monoacylglycerol lipase ABHD6(ABHD6) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31994Mouse Multidrug resistance protein 3(ABCB4) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31995Mouse Bile salt export pump(ABCB11) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31996mouse permeability glycoprotein,P-gp ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31997Mouse Angiotensin converting enzyme 2(ACE2)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-31998Mouse Aggrecan core protein(ACAN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-31999Mouse Long-chain specific acyl-CoA dehydrogenase, mitochondrial(ACADL) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32000Mouse Acid phosphatase-like protein 2(ACPL2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32001Mouse Lysophosphatidic acid phosphatase type 6(ACP6) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32002Mouse tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b(TRACP-5b) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32003Mouse Low molecular weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase(ACP1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32004Mouse Acetylcholinesterase(AChE)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32005Mouse Long-chain-fatty-acid–CoA ligase 1(ACSL1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32006Mouse N-Acetyl-Ser-Asp-Lys-Pro,AcSDKP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32007Mouse Acrosin-binding protein(ACRBP) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32008Mouse Activin receptor type-2B(ACVR2B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32009Mouse adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32010Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 19(ADAM19) ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-32011Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 18(ADAM18) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32012Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 12(ADAM12) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32013Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 11(ADAM11) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32014Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 7(ADAM7) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32015Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 32(ADAM32) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32016Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 29(ADAM29) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32017Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 28(ADAM28) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32018Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 23(ADAM23) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32019Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 22(ADAM22) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32020Mouse Disintegrin and metalloproteinase domain-containing protein 21(ADAM21) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32021Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 16(ADAMTS16) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32022Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 15(ADAMTS15) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32023Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 10(ADAMTS10) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32024Mouse ADAM DEC1(ADAMDEC1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32025Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 9,ADAM9 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32026Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 7(ADAMTS7)48T/96T
SG-32027Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 20(ADAMTS20) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32028Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 2(ADAMTS2)48T/96T
SG-32029Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 19(ADAMTS19) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32030Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 18(ADAMTS18) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32031Mouse Pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide(ADCYAP1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32032Mouse ADAMTS-like protein 4(ADAMTSL4) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32033Mouse ADAMTS-like protein 2(ADAMTSL2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32034Mouse ADAMTS-like protein 1(ADAMTSL1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32035Mouse A disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 8(ADAMTS8)48T/96T
SG-32036Mouse Adenosine receptor A2b(ADORA2B) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32037Mouse Adenosine receptor A2a(ADORA2A) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32038Mouse Adenosine receptor A1(ADORA1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32039Mouse asymmetrical dimethylarginine,ADMA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32040Mouse ADM2(ADM2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32041Mouse Afamin(AFM) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32042Mouse Beta-2 adrenergic receptor(ADRB2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32043Mouse Beta-1 adrenergic receptor(ADRB1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32044Mouse Agrin(AGRN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32045Mouse Anterior gradient protein 3 homolog(AGR3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32046Mouse Anterior gradient protein 2 homolog(AGR2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32047Mouse 1-acyl-sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase alpha(AGPAT1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32048Mouse advanced glycation end products,AGEs ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32049Mouse Advanced glycosylation end product-specific receptor(AGER) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32050Mouse Activator of 90 kDa heat shock protein ATPase homolog 1(AHSA1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32051Mouse Serine–pyruvate aminotransferase(AGXT) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32052Mouse angiotensinogen (aGT) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32053Mouse Agouti-related protein(AGRP) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32054Mouse Aldose reductase(AKR1B1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32055Mouse Allograft inflammatory factor 1(AIF1) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32056Mouse Fetuin A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32057Mouse Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase A(ALDOA) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32058Mouse Aldehyde dehydrogenase, mitochondrial(ALDH2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32059Mouse Activated Leukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule,ALCAM ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32060Mouse Albumin (Alb)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32061Mouse alpha-1-microglobulin/bikunin precursor (AMBP) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32062Mouse Alanine Aminotransferase(ALT/GPT)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32063Mouse Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase C(ALDOC) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32064Mouse Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase B(ALDOB) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32065Mouse Amelotin(AMTN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32066Mouse Phosphorylated Adenosine Monophosphate Activated Protein Kinase, pAMPK ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-32067Mouse AMP deaminase 2(AMPD2) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32068Mouse Protein amnionless(AMN) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32069Mouse Amphoterin-induced protein 3(AMIGO3) ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-32070Mouse Amphoterin-induced protein 2(AMIGO2) ELISA kit48T/96T
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