SG-30008Mouse 5-Hydroxytryptamine,5HT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30009Mouse 5-Nucleotidase,5-NT ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30010Mouse 6-keto-prostaglandin F1a,6-K-PGF1a ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30011Mouse 8-Hydroxy-desoxyguanosine,8-OHdG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30012Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 8,ADAM8 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30013Mouse A Disintegrin And Metalloprotease 9,ADAM9 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30014Mouse acetylcholine,ACH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30015Mouse Acid Phosphatase,ACP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30016Mouse activated protein C,APC ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30017Mouse Activin A,ACV-A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30018Mouse adiponectin (ADP)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30019mouse adrencocorticotropic hormone,ACTH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30020Mouse adrenergic alpha-1A receptor,ADRA1A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30021Mouse adrenomedullin,ADM ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30022Mouse advanced glycation end products,AGEs ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30023Mouse Alanine aminotransferase,ALT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30024Mouse Alanine Aminotransferase,ALT/GPT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30025Mouse alkaline phosphatase,ALP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30026Mouse Alpha-fetoprotein,AFP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30027Mouse alpha-L-fucosidase,AFU ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30028Mouse amyloid beta peptide 1-40,Abeta1-40 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30029Mouse amyloid beta peptide 1-42,Abeta1-42 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30030Mouse Androstenedione,ASD ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30031Mouse Angiopoietin 4,ANG-4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30032Mouse Angiotensin converting enzyme,ACE ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30033Mouse angiotensinogen,aGT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30034Mouse anti-alpha-Fodrin IgG/IgA,α-Fodrin IgG/IgA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30035Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody IgA,ACA-IgA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30036Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody IgG,ACA-IgG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30037Mouse anti-cardiolipin antibody IgM,ACA-IgM ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30038Mouse anti-centrol and centrosome antibody,ACA ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30039Mouse antidiuretic hormone/vasopressin/arginine vasopressin,ADH/VP/AVP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30040Mouse anti-Endomysial Antibody IgA,EMA IgA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30041Mouse anti-endothelial cell antibody,AECA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30042Mouse Anti-glucoprotein 210,GP210 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30043Mouse anti-IgE receptor antibody ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30044Mouse anti-IVIgG antibody ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30045Mouse Anti-myocardial antibody,AMA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30046Mouse Anti-nuclear Antibody,ANA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30047Mouse anti-oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein antibody,OMgp-Ab ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30048Mouse anti-red cell antibody ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30049Mouse Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody,ASMA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30050Mouse Anti-Thrombin Ⅲ,AT-Ⅲ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30051Mouse anti-thrombin receptor,ATR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30052Mouse anti-Thyroid-Peroxidase antibody,TPO-Ab ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30053Mouse Anti-trypsin,AT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30054Mouse anti-zona pellucida antibody,aZP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30055Mouse apelin 12,AP12 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30056Mouse Apolipoprotein E,Apo-E ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30057Mouse Apolipoprotein H,Apo-H ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30058Mouse apoprotein B100,apo-B100 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30059Mouse apoprotein,apo-A1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30060Mouse apoptosis inducing factor,AIF ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30061Mouse Aquaporin 1,AQP-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30062Mouse Aquaporin 2,AQP-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30063Mouse Aquaporin 3,AQP-3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30064Mouse Aquaporin 4,AQP-4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30065Mouse Aquaporin 5,AQP-5 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30066Mouse Aspartate Aminotransferase ,AST  ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30067Mouse Atrial Natriuretic Peptide,ANP ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30068Mouse B-cell leukemia/lymphoma 2,Bcl-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30069mouse Beta-Endorphin,beta-EP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30070Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein 2,BMP-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30071Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein 4,BMP-4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30072Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein 6,BMP-6 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30073Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein 7,BMP-7 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30074Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein receptor 1A,BMPR-1A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30075Mouse Bone morphogenetic protein receptor II,BMPR-II ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30076Mouse bovine serum albumin,BSA ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30077Mouse bradykinin,BK ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30078Mouse Brain derived neurotrophic facor,BDNF ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30079Mouse calcitonin gene related peptide,CGRP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30080Mouse Calcitonin,CT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30081Mouse Calretinin,CR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30082Mouse carbonic anhydrase 2,CA-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30083Mouse Carboxyterminal propeptide of type Ⅰ procollagen,PⅠCP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30084Mouse carcinoembryonic antign,CEA ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30085Mouse cardiac troponin Ⅰ,cTn-Ⅰ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30086Mouse cardiotrophln 1,CT-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30087Mouse catecholamine,CA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30088Mouse Ceruloplasmin,CP/CER ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30089Mouse c-fos ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30090Mouse Cholecystokinin,CCK ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30091Mouse cholest erolester transfer protein,CETP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30092Mouse chondroitin sulfate,CS ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30093Mouse Clara cell protein,CC16 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30094Mouse Cluster of differentiation 19,CD19 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30095Mouse coagulation factor II,FII ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30096Mouse coagulation factor Ⅹ,FⅩ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30097Mouse Collagen Type Ⅰ,Col ⅠELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30098Mouse Collagen Type II,Col II ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30099Mouse Collagen Type Ⅳ,Col Ⅳ ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30100Mouse matrix metalloproteinase 1 (MMP-1/Collagenase I) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30101Mouse Complement 1 inhibitor autoantibody,C1INH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30102Mouse Complement 3,C3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30103Mouse Complement 4,C4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30104Mouse Complement fragment 3a,C3a ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30105Mouse Complement fragment 4a,C4a ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30106Mouse Complement fragment 5a,C5a ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30107Mouse corticotropin releasing hormone,CRH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30108Mouse Cortisol ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30109Mouse C-Peptide ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30110Mouse C-Reactive Protein ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30111Mouse Creatine Kinase MB isoenzyme,CK-MB ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30112Mouse cross linked N-telopeptide of type Ⅰ collagen,NTX ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30113Mouse C-telopeptide of type Ⅰ collagen,CTX-Ⅰ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30114Mouse CTX-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30115Mouse CXC-chemokine ligand 16,CXCL16 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30116Mouse CXC-chemokine receptor 3,CXCR3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30117Mouse Cyclin-D1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30118Mouse Cyclin-D2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30119Mouse cyclophilin A,CyPA ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30120Mouse Cystatin C,Cys-C ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30121Mouse Cytochrome-C,Cyt-C ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30122Mouse Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate,DHEA-S ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30123Mouse Dehydroepiandrosterone,DHEA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30124Mouse diamine oxidase,DAO ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30125Mouse dipeptidyl peptldase Ⅳ,DPPⅣ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30126Mouse D-Lactate Dehydrogenase,D-LDH ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30127Mouse Dopamine D1 receptor,D1R ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30128Mouse dopamine,DA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30129Mouse E-Cadherin,E-Cad ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30130Mouse Endothelial lipase,EL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30131Mouse Endothelial nitric oxide synthase 3,eNOS-3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30132Mouse Endothelin 1,ET-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30133Mouse endotoxin,ET ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30134Mouse eosinophil cationic protein,ECP ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30135Mouse eosinophil chemotactic factor,ECF ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30136Mouse Epidermal growth factor,EGF Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30137Mouse Epinephrine/Adrenaline,EPI ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30138Mouse Epiregulin,EPR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30139Mouse Epithelial neutrophil activating peptide 78,ENA-78 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30140Mouse Erythropoietin,EPO ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30141Mouse E-Selectin ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30142Mouse Estradiol,E2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30143Mouse Estriol,E3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30144Mouse Factor-related Apoptosis,FAS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30145Mouse ferritin,FE ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30146Mouse Fibrinogen,Fbg ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30147Mouse Fibronectin,FN ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30148Mouse FMS-like tyrosine kinase 3 ligand,Flt-3L ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30149Mouse Folic acid,FA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30150mouse follicle-stimulating hormone,FSH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30151Mouse Follistatin,FS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30152Mouse Free Thyroxine,FT4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30153Mouse Free Tri-iodothyronine Indes,Free-T3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30154Mouse Gamma-aminobutyric acid,GABA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30155Mouse Gelsolin ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30156Mouse glucagon-like peptide 1,GLP-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30157Mouse glial fibrillary acidic protein,GFAP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30158Mouse glucocorticoid receptor,GR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30159Mouse glucoprotein 130,gp130 ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30160Mouse Glucose-dependent insulin-releasing polypeptide,GIP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30161Mouse Glutamate dehydrogenase;GDH/GLDH ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30162Mouse glutamic acid decarboxylase autoantibody,GAD-Ab ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30163Mouse Glutathione peroxidase,GSH-Px ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30164Mouse Glycated hemoglobin A1c,GHbA1c ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30165Mouse gonadotropin-releasing hormone,GnRH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30166Mouse granzymes A,Gzms-A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30167Mouse granzymes B,Gzms-B ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30168Mouse Haptoglobin,Hpt/HP ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30169Mouse Heat Shock Factor 1,HSF1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30170Mouse Heat Shock Protein 40,Hsp-40 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30171Mouse heat shock protein 60,hSP-60 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30172Mouse Heat Shock Protein 70,Hsp-70 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30173Mouse Heat Shock Protein 90,Hsp-90 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30174Mouse Heat Shock Protein glycoprotein 96,HSP gp96 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30175Mouse heme oxygenase 1,HO-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30176Mouse heme oxygenase 2,HO-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30177Mouse heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like growth factor,HB-EGF Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30178Mouse hepatic lipase,HL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30179Mouse hepatocyte growth factor,HGF Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30180Mouse Hexokinase,HK ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30181Mouse High mobility group protein B1,HMGB-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30182Mouse Histamine,HIS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30183Mouse Hya]uronate binding protein,HABP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30184Mouse Hyaluronic acid,HA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30185Mouse hydroxyproline,Hyp ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30186Mouse hypoxia-inducible factor 1α,HIF-1α ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30187Mouse Deiodinase(DI)ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30188Mouse Immunoglobulin A,IgA Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30189Mouse Immunoglobulin G,IgG Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30190Mouse Immunoglobulin G1,IgG1 Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30191Mouse Immunoglobulin G2a,IgG2a Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30192Mouse Immunoglobulin M,IgM Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30193Mouse inducible nitric oxide synthase,iNOS ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30194Mouse inhibin B,INH-B ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30195Mouse InhibinA,INH-A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30196Mouse insulin autoantibodies,IAA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30197Mouse Insulin Receptor beta ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30198Mouse Insulin,INS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30199Mouse Insulin-like growth factor 1,IGF-1 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30200Mouse Insulin-like growth factor 2,IGF-2 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30201Mouse Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1,IGFBP-1 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30202Mouse Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 6,IGFBP-6 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30203Mouse intercellular adhesion molecule 1,ICAM-1 ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30204Mouse Interferon α,IFN-α ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30205Mouse Interferon beta,IFN-beta/IFNB ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30206Mouse Interferon γ ,IFN-γ ELISA KitKit48T/96T
SG-30207Mouse interferon-inducible protein 10,IP-10 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30208Mouse Interleukin 1 receptor antagonist, IL-1ra ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30209Mouse Interleukin 1,IL-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30210Mouse interleukin 10,IL-10 ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30211Mouse Interleukin 13(IL-13) ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30212Mouse Interleukin 16,IL-16 ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30213Mouse interleukin 17,IL-17 ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30214Mouse Interleukin 18,IL-18 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30215Mouse Interleukin 1beta,IL-1beta ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30216Mouse Interleukin 2,IL-2 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30217Mouse Interleukin 23,IL-23 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30218Mouse Interleukin 27,IL-27 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30219Mouse Interleukin 3,IL-3 ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30220Mouse Interleukin 35,IL-35 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30221Mouse Interleukin 4,IL-4 ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30222Mouse Interleukin 5,IL-5 ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30223Mouse Interleukin 6,IL-6 ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30224Mouse interleukin 8,IL-8 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30225Mouse Interleukin-2 receptor,IL-2R ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30226Mouse Interleukin-7,IL-7 ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30227Mouse Ischemia Modified Albumin,IMA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30228Mouse Kidney injury molecule 1,Kim-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30229Mouse Lactate Dehydrogenase(LDH) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30230Mouse Lactoferrin,LTF/LF ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30231Mouse Laminin,LN ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30232Mouse leukemia inhibitory factor receptor,LIFR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30233Mouse Leukotriene B4,LT-B4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30234Mouse Leukotriene C4,LT-C4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30235Mouse Linker for activation of T cell,LAT ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30236Mouse lipoprotein lipase,LPL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30237Mouse lipoprotein α,Lp-α ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30238Mouse lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A2,Lp-PL-A2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30239Mouse L-phenylalanine,LPA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30240Mouse Luteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone,LHRH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30241Mouse luteotropic hormone,LH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30242Mouse lymphocyte function associated antigen 3,LFA-3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30243Mouse lymphotactin,Lptn/LTN ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30244Mouse Lysozyme,LZM ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30245Mouse Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor,M-CSF ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30246Mouse Macrophage Inflammatory Protein 2,MIP-2 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30247Mouse macrophage inflammatory protein 3beta,MIP-3beta ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30248Mouse Macrophage-Derived Chemokine(MDC) ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30249Mouse malondialchehyche,MDA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30250Mouse matrix metalloproteinase 2/Gelatinase A,MMP-2 ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30251Mouse Matrix Metalloproteinase-9,MMP-9 ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30252Mouse melanocyte antibody,MC Ab ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30253Mouse Melatonin,MT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30254Mouse Methemoglobin,MHB ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30255Mouse microalbunminuria,mALB ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30256Mouse monoamine oxidase,MAO ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30257Mouse Motilin,MTL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30258Mouse Mucin-5 subtype AC,MUC5AC ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30259Mouse mucin-5 subtype B,MUC5B ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30260Mouse Mucin-7,MUC7 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30261Mouse myelin basic protein,MBP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30262Mouse myeloperoxidase,MPO ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30263Mouse myeloperoxidase-antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody IgG,MPO-ANCA IgG ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30264Mouse Myoglobin,MYO/MB ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30265Mouse Myosin,MYS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30266Mouse Nerve growth factor,NGF ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30267Mouse Neuroglobin,NGB ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30268Mouse neuropeptide Y,NP-Y ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30269Mouse Neurotrophin 3,NT-3 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30270Mouse Neurotrophin 4,NT-4 ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30271Mouse neutrophil elastase,NE ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30272Mouse neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin,NGAL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30273Mouse N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide,NT-proBNP ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30274Mouse N-terminal procollagen Ⅲ propeptide,PⅢNP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30275Mouse omentin ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30276Mouse Oncostatin-M,OSM ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30277Mouse Osteocalcin/Bone gla protein,OT/BGP ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30278Mouse osteonectin,ON ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30279Mouse Osteopontin,OPN ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30280Mouse Osteoprotegerin,OPG ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30281Mouse ovarian cancer marker-CA125 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30282Mouse Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein antibody (OxLDL-Ab) ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30283Mouse oxidizided glutathione,GSSG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30284Mouse oxytocin,OT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30285Mouse Parathormone ,PTH ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30286Mouse Parathyroid Hormone Related Protein,PTHrP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30287Mouse Peroxisome Proliferator-activated receptor γ,PPAR-γ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30288Mouse peroxisome proliferators activator receptors alpha,PPAR-α ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30289Mouse phosphatidylserine,PS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30290Mouse Phospholipidase A2,PL-A2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30291Mouse Phosphotylinosital 3 kinase,PI3K ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30292Mouse pigment epithelium-derived factor,PEDF ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30293Mouse plasmin-antiplasmin complex,PAP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30294Mouse platelet activating factor,PAF ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30295Mouse Procalcitonin,PCT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30296Mouse Progesterone,PROG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30297mouse prolactin,PRL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30298Mouse Prostaglandin E2,PG-E2 Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30299Mouse prostate specific antigen,PSA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30300Mouse protein kinase B,PKB ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30301Mouse P-Selectin ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30302Mouse Pulmonary surfatcant-associated protein A,SP-A ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30303Mouse Pyruvate Kinase,M2-PK ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30304Mouse pyruvate kinase,PK ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30305Mouse Qa lymphocyte antigen 2 region,Qa-2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30306Mouse receptor activator of nuclear factor kappa B ligand,RANKL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30307Mouse reduced glutathione,GSH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30308Mouse regulated on activation in normal T-cell expressed and secreted,RANTES ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30309Mouse Renin ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30310Mouse Resistin ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30311Mouse SDH ELISA kit48T/96T
SG-30312Mouse secreted phospholipase A2,sPLA2 Elisa Kit 48T/96T
SG-30313Mouse secretory immunoglobulin A,sIgA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30314Mouse Serum amyloid A,SAA ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30315Mouse sex hormone-binding globulin,SHBG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30316Mouse Slit2 ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30317Mouse soluble endothelial protein C receptor,sEPCR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30318Mouse soluble myosin heavy chain 1,sMHC-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30319Mouse soluble P-selectin,sP-selectin ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30320Mouse soluble receptor activator of nuclear factor-kB ligand,sRANKL ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30321Mouse Somatostatin,SS ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30322Mouse Stem cell factor/mast cell growth factor,SCF/MGF ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30323Mouse Stromal cell derived factor 1a,SDF-1a ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30324Mouse Stromal cell derived factor 1beta,SDF-1beta ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30325Mouse substance P receptor,SP-R ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30326Mouse Substance P,SP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30327Mouse Super Oxidase Dimutase,SOD ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30328Mouse tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b,TRACP-5b ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30329Mouse terminal complement complex C5b-9,TCC C5b-9 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30330Mouse thioredoxin reductase,TrxR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30331Mouse Thioredoxin,Trx ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30332Mouse thrombin-antithrombin complex,TAT ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30333Mouse thrombospondin 1,TSP-1 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30334Mouse Thromboxane B2,TXB2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30335Mouse thrombus precursor protein,TpP ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30336Mouse Thyroglobulin,TG ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30337Mouse thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antidoby,TRAb ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30338Mouse Thyroid Stimulating Hormone,TSH ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30339Mouse Thyroid-Peroxidase,TPO ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30340Mouse thyrotropin-releasing hormone,TRH ELISA KIT48T/96T
SG-30341Mouse Thyroxine antibody,TAb ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30342Mouse thyroxine,T4 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30343Mouse Tissue factor pathway inhibitor,TFPI ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30344Mouse tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinase 1,TIMP-1 Elisa Kit 48T/96T
SG-30345Mouse Toll-like receptor 9,TLR-9 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30346Mouse transferrin receptor,TFR ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30347Mouse transforming growth factor α,TGF-α ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30348Mouse Transforming Growth factor beta1,TGF-beta1 ELISA kit 48T/96T
SG-30349Mouse transforming growth factorbeta2,TGFbeta2 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30350Mouse Tri-iodothyronine,T3 ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30351Mouse Troponin Ⅰ,Tn-Ⅰ ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30352Mouse trypsin ELISA Kit48T/96T
SG-30353Mouse Tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor Ⅰ,TNFsR-Ⅰ ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30354Mouse Tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor II,TNFsR-II ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30355Mouse Tumor necrosis factor α(TNF-α) ELISA Kit 48T/96T
SG-30356Mouse Tumor necrosis factor beta,TNF-beta ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30357Mouse urokinase,UK Elisa Kit48T/96T
SG-30358Mouse Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor,VEGF ELISA KIT 48T/96T
SG-30359Mouse Vascuoar endothelial cell growth factor receptor 1,VEGFR-1/Flt1 ELISA kit 48T/96T
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